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Your fitness journey is a personal experience of inner and outer growth. APFitness believes you should be living your life at your personal highest level. We are dedicated to educating, motivating, and supporting you along your health and fitness journey. Let us help you reach your goals at your own time with our flexible in person and online training options.

Client Transformations

6 Week Transformation

My Biggest Takeaway

My biggest takeaway from this round of TCM was improvement in my mind and mental health. I have began eating SMARTER- an amazing habit I developed. And because of how I’m eating, I was so happy when I stepped on the scale. I started week 1 weighing 154lbs and week 6 I now weigh 145.6!!! I had no idea! I’m feeling so lean and light when I wake up in the morning. It is such a rewarding feeling to see this little changes in my mind and body. TCM has taught me how to really take care of myself.

6 Month Transformation

Complete Transformation

“I have completely transformed my habits. I completely changed my diet to include healthy foods first and as the constant- with “cheat” meals or indulgences here and there. I don’t evenwant to eat like I used to- this feels so much better. I am SO much stronger and can feel it inthe workouts. The workouts are such an incredible decompressor after work.. I love them. I feel clearer mentally than I have in a long time.

12 Week Transformation

I cannot believe the difference

I cannot believe the difference in my before and after pictures in just 6 weeks. I have createdall around healthier habits and a more positive mindset. I am making my health a priority and I’m becoming a better version of myself. I cannot wait to see more positive changes over the next 12 weeks! Thanks for your continued support throughout my journey :)

6 Week Transformation

notice a difference

People keep telling me they notice a difference in how I look, I can tell my stamina has increased so much and my upper body strength has definitely improved (and I have triceps now?!). My legs look more muscular and two pairs of shorts that didn’t fit last summer suddenly fit!

18 Week Transformation

completely changed

12 Week Transformation

fun kick ass workouts

Thank you for providing fun kick ass workouts each week and being so personable with your clients through the insta chat. I think it makes this journey that more effective and beneficial to everyone you’re guiding on this journey. Keep doing you